ID Atlantic

There is much hype from the evangelists about modern methods of construction (MMC) matched by the reluctance of many in the sector who don’t want to change the way they have always done things. ID Atlantic enables like for like comparison of the costs and benefits of different approaches, from traditional to modular (or volumetric), including hybrid solutions that use the latest technologies assembled on or near to the site.

Our 5 levels take you from feasibility (level 1 – “what if”) to “best and final offers” (Level 5 – contacted), we consider every aspect of the development process; costs, time on site, maximum borrowing requirements, delivered quality and snagging costs, project delivery, supply-chain management, whole life value, management and maintenance and much more. We work on a transparent, risk managed, data driven, no surprises approach. Beyond the immediate project we also consider the social and environmental value and opportunities of the development.

If you have ever though there must be a better way than just doing the same as last time, well there is, and we will be your guides to do deliver more, quicker and simply achieve better.